Cotto d'Amore

Vino Cotto Teramano
Old Wine Slow Emotion

Cooked Wine

Cooked wine has really ancient origins. The production techniques and the refinement of this agreeable and perfumed elixir are basically the same since the times of Ancient Greece and Imperial Rome. 

The name of our "Cotto d'Arnore" plays both with its being a product of Abruzzo's tradition and with the passion put in its delicate production and its long sleep inside wooden barrels. "Cotto d'Amore" is made from the reduction of the vigorous and powerful grapes of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo vine variety. 

Our cooked wine is semi-sweet, garnet-amber colored and with an intense and fruity aroma with scents of caramelized amber. The flavor is robust. provocative and mysteriously sensual, with a savory aftertaste. Its agreeable consistency vanes depending on the different concentrations and the passing of time.


I nostri vini possono essere acquistati anche inviandoci una mail con il dettaglio dell'ordine che desiderate. Il nostro consiglio, però, è quello di venirci a trovare nella nostra cantina oppure contattare noi o un nostro rivenditore. 
Visita la cantina
Montorio al Vomano, Via dei Mulini

Orari di apertura

Lunedì - Sabato:
15:30 - 19:30
E su appuntamento.
Si consiglia di chiamare per verificare l'effettiva presenza
La Civetta Azienda Agricola
Montorio al Vomano - Teramo
Abruzzo - Italy
Piva: IT01868690676
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